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The Studio Prosperity Podcast for Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs

May 8, 2018

In Episode 8 of The Studio Prosperity Podcast, Instagram expert, Tasha Meys, gives us strategies on how to find success on Instagram.

Tasha Meys is co-owner of Instagram specialist company called Ace the Gram and creates content for her own Instagram channels (70k+ total following across the 3 of them). She currently lives in New Zealand but has lived in Sydney and Los Angeles over the past few years.

Tasha and I discuss various challenges many of us face in the world of Instagram, from consistency of tone throughout our Instagram feed to creating quality imagery. We also discuss mistakes that many Instagram users make from the beginning.

Tasha hosts the podcast, Ace The Gram, where she and her co-host highlight those that have been successful using Instagram as a marketing platform.

Tasha and I crossed paths through her amazing Facebook group: Instagram Growth and Engagement and you should join it ASAP! 

And make sure to check out her instagram: @TastefullyTash

Serious value bombs in this episode! If you like what you're hearing and can spare a few minutes to subscribe to The Studio Prosperity Podcast and leave us a rating and review, that would be amazing. 

Until next time, SPribe!