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The Studio Prosperity Podcast for Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs

May 14, 2018

In Episode 8 of The Studio Prosperity Podcast, Confidence Mentor, Chelsea Rock, takes us through her journey from fitness model, actor, and personal trainer to best selling author, speaker, and coach.

Chelsea Lee rock is a healthy confidence mentor she is known as The Confidence Queen.

She is a former fitness model, personal trainer, certified neuroscience coach, bestselling author and speaker.

Her personal development program aligns women with finding their authentic confidence, getting healthy, and gaining their life back with purpose.

As a result of her program, thousands of women globally have benefited by starting their own small businesses, finding a real relationship, and healing their body from the inside out.

This process can help you find your self-worth again, self-trust, certainty and a growth mindset.

She is on the amazon best seller list and has been featured in magazines such as: Magic Image Hollywood, FINE, San Diego Magazine, Life by Design, and been nominated as one of the “10 most Inspiring Women who have a message on Instagram.”



Facebook: Chelsea Lee Rock - The Confidence Queen

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