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The Studio Prosperity Podcast for Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs

May 22, 2018

In Episode 9 of The Studio Prosperity Podcast, I speak with Audrey Bongat all the way from New Zealand! 

Audrey is a Soul Revealer & Alignment Coach as well as a Soul-Driven Marketer. Her mission as a coach is to help people reconnect with their Soul, listen to its voice, follow its guidance and unleash their happiness potential. 
She quit her high-paid job in corporate marketing in 2013 to follow her passions and live on her own terms, embracing her unique lifestyle which she calls the Soul-Driven Lifestyle.

During this episode, we talk about how she found her path as an alignment coach, her entrepreneurial and spiritual journey, and a number of other topics from mindfulness to tarot cards to her love of Bruce Springsteen and the Harry Potter series.



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